Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Pomegranate Tossed Green Salad

2 cloves garlic (rub inside of salad bowl)
1 lb fresh spinach leaves
1½ lb. mixed mesclun salad
1 C. basil, torn
½ C. dill, torn
1 bunch parsley, torn
1 bunch cilantro, torn
2+ C. blue cheese vinaigrette

2 cans (16 oz) kidney beans, drained
1 can (16 oz) garbanzo beans, drained
3-4 ripe avocados, chopped
1 bunch radishes, very thinly sliced

3 pomegranates, peeled and broken into seeds
½ C. GrapeNuts cereal

Mix all greens/ herbs with dressing.  Toss in avocados, beans, and radishes.  Sprinkle with pomegranate. Serve with GrapeNuts to sprinkle over top.

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